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                                                                    EDUCATION AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROJECTS

PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V. engages in education especially for the local population. We put eduaction infront. We share our experiences and remain open for exchange programmes with schools , Universities and educational bodies. We surport ophans. Since our resources for education is limited we do appeal for your financial and material surport for our educational projects. Just contact us. Below you can read about some of our educational projects.

Government primary school Tchala- Babouantou.                        Government Primary school Malende - Mukonje in Kumba.                                                    Tailoring workshop Babouantou


We are engaged in the education assistant to the needy, we select from communities arcording to needs and resources we have. We assist in paying of school fees and school materials. We also assist in medical care , rehabilitation and intergration into the society. We have number of less privileged children we sponsored and are still sponsoring in the educatuinal scheme such as in Nursing and other paramedical professions. In colaboration with our partners we also give training in areas like first aid, Nursing aid and care education, sports like Baseball & softball, tailoring, Beauty, cosmetic, fashion and empowerment.

An investigative story by Emilie Tah about an orphan called Joan in October 2012 in Muea, Mamoun, Tiko & Buea in the South-Western Region of Cameroon.

Joan is a 16 years old intelligent orphan you see on picture bellow dressed in a nursing outfit. She lives in the South West Region of Cameroon. Since both parents died more than 14 years ago, life has not been a bed of roses for her as she has been facing tough times in her life. One of them is the aspect of education, which every parent will take pride in doing everything humanly possible, to offer to a child. Joan on her part, has not been fortunate to enjoy fully such privilege. After having spent seven years with her grandmother in the village who can barely afford a three square meals daily, Joan managed to complete primary school. Due to poor living condition as a result of financial challenges, the grandmother gave her to an orphanage, where she spent three years in the secondary school. After which the CEO of the orphanage decided to refrain from sponsorship, due to lack of finance. According to report, Joan could not continue with her education while at the orphanage because, she had a serious health problem that led to an operation. The CEO of this orphanage claimed, the money that was budgeted to be channeled towards her education, was used to solve her health problems. “ As though was a dreaming; I found myself back in the village to live with my poor grandmother” said Joan. Not only does Joan faces rejection from her extended relatives, she has been experiencing health challenges, accommodation problems, basic and most importantly, educational support . PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V. a non governmental organization, which one of its milestone objectives is to ensure the well being of Orphans, widows and vulnerable children, came to know about Joan´s situation in December 2011. Our organization has stepped in to take responsibility in the area of Education. Presently, this orphan is living with a woman in Buea, who has decided to help her with shelter, while she is currently undergoing a two years nursing aid training course at the Mount Zion Nursing center in Buea - Cameroon.

However, Joan is grateful to all who have and who supported her morally and financially and still hopes that her health challenge and basic needs are considered by anyone who wishes to support her in anyway. Contact us directly or send finance to our Bank in Kiel - Germany. God is the Father of the fatherless, the mother of the motherless and the Husbandman of the widow. He does not come down to help us but uses people like you and me to bless others. Please, allow yourself to be used by God to raise this Intelligent Child. As you do this, so shall you remain blessed.

FJoan & Emelie                                                   Training center                                        School classroom in Malende - Kumba                             School staff in Ediki near Kumba

                                                                           SCHOOL BENCHES FOR BABOUANTOU REGIONAL SCHOOLS

                                                        GOVERNMENT BILINGUAL PRIMARY SCHOOL BABOUANTOU. IN THE WEST REGION OF CAMEROON 2015.

In mid December 2014 with the surport from the German based  non - profit organization Fairwind e.V of Hamburg, we where able to help the Babouantou Community again by carying out our project ,, School benches for the village schools of Babouantou´´ in the Babouantou ( also written Bapouantou) community. For the Government Bilingual Primary School Babouantou created in the year 2014 in the center of the Babouantou Village by the Cameroon Ministry of Education. The school is the first of its kind with the english system of education in an entire more french speaking population in the region of Babouantou - Bandja. The aim of having the english speaking school in the region is to promote bilingualism within the nation of Cameroon. The situation on the ground for the community is very difficult, the Cameroon ministry of education pays only salary of two staffs. The remaining cost for running the school and paying the other staffs, building of the classrooms and equipt them ist left to the community. To finance all that is very difficult for the parents who do compensate the teachers with only what they can have in hand and do relly on persons like you reading this to help them to pay the cost of running the school and to build the classrooms for them. Presently the only classroom being used is not having a roof on it and is an abandoned building built with ground blocks about the year 1970. The Bilingual primary school of Babouantou is in urgent need of classrooms, blackboards, clean drinking water facility, more school benches for the children and all other school equiptments you can think of. Please help us to give this school the help needed. Send your donations directly to our bank account in Kiel Germany, we will send you the attestation for your tax reduction or contact us. Have a look at the pictures below on what has been done so far.

The handing over ceremony of the first set of school benches and all the repaired Tables and chairs found in the year 2014 to the Government Bilingual primary school of Babouantou on the 3 of June 2015, In the presence of ; The president and representatives of the parents teachers association, PERSPECTIVES KAMERUN e.V. members, members of the school commitee of the village of Babouantou, The president of our partner group of GIC AGRIELBA, ( Groupe des Initiatives Commune Des Agriculteurs et Eleveurs Babouantou du Cameroun ), Mr. Gustave Mounchieu, who also coordinate the project in the village with Mr. David as the capenter. We do need more school benches for the schools in Babouantou. Can you and do you know people who can help to finance this type of projects ? Please send our contact information to them or you contact us.


Our Project ,,School benches for Village schools in Babouantou´´ for all village quarters within Babouantou (also written Bapouantou) in western Region of Cameroon, with its hilly vegetation and mild temperature like in Germany during the season of spring. We began to plan the project during a family meeting during the Christmas season in December 2012. In the village community of Babouantou there are more than 6 schools. The government of the Republic of Cameroon do offer the communities the school Authaurization and provide salaries only for few workers. The rest of the organization concerning the infrastructure such as school buildings, sports equiptments, writting materials, blackboards, funitures and payment of other teachers is left to the community to see how they can go about it. The communities do lack the finances to pay the extra teachers and cover the cost in running the school efficiently. So the village communities do contribute in running the school only through community labour and donations. You can help us also. Because of all this lack of finances, one of our members who is also the Director of the Government primary and nursery school of Batack Mr. Kamadeu Evariste, lay this problem to us in Batack. As we organized the project with the villagers, they realize that the school does not only need school desks but also blackboards, writing materials, training equiptments. For only school benches alone for Babouantou village community and churches we need more than 1000 pieces. We are looking for voluntary donors for their financial support.

As we are pleading to the public to assist us financially in making deskes for school children in Cameroon, in November 2013, the Organzation Fairwind e.V. based in Hamburg Germany came as first to our assistance to make a start. This was good news to us as in mid December 2013 they confirmed to us that they are assisting us with the amount they can so we can start while our plead continue to the general public. This good news we delivered immediately to the first school in Babouantou, ,,Ecole Publique et Maternelle de Batack´´. We startet immediately with the first set of benches according to the amount of money that came in. The President of the Parents & Teachers association of the school, Ecole publique et Maternelle de Batack; Mr. Tchamakam Ngandeu Jean, blessed the money and the Project, that was then handed over to the School Director Mr. Kamadeu Evariste in the presence of Mr. Mouncheu Gustav our Representatives on the ground and the rest of the team to start buying the materials needed. . Because not much fund was available, we decided with the village community to Construct for a beginning ; 13 deskes, 3 large rotating blackboards of 1,5m x 2,5m large, then repair all available funitures that was bad in the school. We gave the contract to a Capenter specialist Mr. Hemeni David, so that he can show his skills, and he did with great success. All construction was done in time before the children prepared for their final examination; First school living certificate examination. 

The project was a success as we where able on the 14 of mai 2014 to hand over to the school children of Ecole Publique et Maternelle de Batack, 13 school benches, 3 wall blackboards and all repaired Broken furnitures. This was a stepping stone for the School deskes projects for all the village community primary schools in Babouantou. The hand over took place in the presence of The CEO of parents, organization members and Babouantou village quarter of Batack village development community representatives, including the school director Mr. Kamadeu Fadeu Evariste, the School children and the teachers.

The Children of the Government primary & nursery school of Batack Babouantou are now happy. We need more financial help for more deskes,writting materials, blackboards, lerning aids and sport equiptments for schools in the villages in Cameroon. Please contact us or send donations into our bank !!!!!


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With your donations, our experience and experts here and at the seit, we can together sustain to assist the needy in Cameroon and Afrika by enabling them expand on their own and giving perspectives. We do have ptojects that we need supporters in the area of: clean drinking water in villages and communities, Nutrition, education ( building schools, benches, school fees ....) , health centers, agriculture and infrastructures. It will be good to make a bank transfer contract to our charity bank account at the Förde Sparkasse Kiel in Germany.  For any other methode to send in your donations you just contact us. To send to our Charity account use this information;

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Important: Since the year 2008, for donations up to 200,00€ you do not need any Donation receipts, the Taxation office will accept your transfer receipt for tax reclaim. There for for donations up to  200,00€ we will give you receipt if you ask for. For amounts above we have to send the receipt, please send us your adresse where we have to post it.  To issue attestations in accordance with the german law  §§ 10b des EStG , we are permited by the Ministry of Finance through the Federal office of Finanzamt Kiel. Your donation will be used accordingly on the ground. The accountability for income and outcome on projects are available at all times regularly that we also expose. Cost transparency and efficiency can be checked by an independent comittee of donors.

Since our organization is working as voluntary, we do not have administrative cost for that reason all what you donate is used to 

100% for the project. We expose documentaries on project progress online for all to see.

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